Wubba Dub is a Bass Music Label representing artists across the spectrum of Bass Music. Below you will find some FAQ about the Submission process

What is a submission?

What we are looking for is the best representation of you as an artist.

Things we look for:
-Press kit
-Biography including play history
-Pictures and/or Videos of live performance
-Links to all social media and websites
-Self-produced High quality original or remix, WAV or MP3 accepted

What can we do for you?

We will use our network to publish your work across a variety of digital platforms including but not limited to Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music and More! You will receive royalty cheques monthly.

We will work with you to get collaborations with other artists in your genre and help you book shows with our partners. We also have partners in the fields of design and video production.

Where is Wubba Dub?

Wubba Dub is a Canadian based company with headquarters in Ottawa and representatives across Canada. With a reach spanning the globe, Wubba Dub is truly an international company.